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Reflections on Relays: What Was & What Could Have Been

AMAZING year for Penn Relays! Of course, Usain Bolt make the weekend with his 8.79 split in the Jamaica vs The World 4×100 relay on Saturday. 😉

Bolt drew a record-high crowd of over 54,000 people on Saturday, bringing the total for the weekend to over 114,000 people this year. With these kind of numbers, I can’t help but think how much of an impact there could have been if the competing teams or the school initiated campaigns for awareness or support of any of the thousands of causes athletes support nowadays.

Causes like United Way Jamaica and the Dare to Care hospice for children suffering from HIV in Spanish Town are two very important organizations that Usain Bolt has partnered with and lent his hand to. To think how much awareness he could have raised for the causes he supports back home, even just through mentioning them while he was here, with thousands of eyes on him…

It is my personal feeling that Penn Relays could serve as a viable platform for athletes to join together in support of any cause of their choice, and leave after 3 days having made a tremendous impact through the acquisition of a multitude of support from Relays spectators. There are so many opportunities for new ideas… I just think projects like these should become a priority, especially when there is so much star power concentrated in one location.

Don’t worry… I have a few ideas of my own… Hopefully you’ll see them come to fruition at next year’s Relays. 😉