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Joining the Ranks: MLB Fights Cancer with Stand Up Stadiums

Ok so it’s been awhile… and for that I apologize… BUT I’ve discovered a new project that just launched in the sports philanthropy space that I think is absolutely AMAZING!

The MLB has partnered with the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s initiative called Stand Up to Cancer in an effort to integrate sports fans into the fight against cancer by raising money for research. How are they doing it? Stand Up Stadiums!

Fans of all 30 MLB team can log on to and purchase a seat, suite, base, or pitcher’s mound in their favorite team’s virtual stadium. Contributors may also include a dedication message, honoring a friend or loved one of their choice. Minimum contributions range from $5 to $500, but fans are able to contribute as much as they’d like, all for the sake of accelerating groundbreaking cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives.

This new initiative is one that has the potential to create a tremendous impact not only for the sake of cancer research, but also for other causes that sports properties may choose to support down the road.  The innovation behind the concept of Stand Up Stadiums is something that more leagues and sports organizations need to harness in order to truly have an impact.  Because much of the sports industry is fragmented and lacks collaboration among constituents, philanthropic efforts rarely yield the impact originally envisioned.  However, efforts like Stand Up Stadiums that are able to harness the collective energy and goodwill of every team in the league and the millions of fans who support each one, can create a tremendous impact and make huge strides in raising funds, awareness and support for any cause that is selected.  When it comes to social impact, collaboration is the key; especially in the sports industry, the more each part works together, the greater good can be accomplished through the intense momentum that will inevitably build with each new cause that is supported and each new project that is undertaken.

Stand Up Stadiums is an innovative way to engage all baseball fans, uniting them in an effort to combat a disease that affects over 11 million Americans today. I’m excited to see how much of an impact Major League Baseball will have with its new initiative, and I hope to see more leagues unite and take action to create sustained social impact such as this.

Learn more about Stand Up Stadiums at! Here’s the link: Stand Up Stadiums