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Impact Plays: Ongoing Concerns About Player Safety in the NFL

Brandon Meriweather suspended 2 games for dangerous hits against Chicago Bears in Week 7. Video credit: nfl.si.com

Player safety is a growing concern in the NFL, as important players are increasingly landing on the NFL injury report we are realizing the impact of on-field contact, even after playing days are over.  It seems like fines aren’t enough to effectively send the message that this style of play is dangerous for players delivering and receiving blows to the helmet, with players like Brandon Meriweather having been docked over $275,000 in pay since 2010 for heavy hits.

Life after football is something many players like Brandon Meriweather don’t seem to respect, either for themselves or anyone else they target on the field.  However, coaches, officials and leagues that govern even the youngest players of the game must be diligent in teaching player safety to ensure the next generation of athletes can enjoy long, successful playing careers.

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